534 Total Stitches 188 built-in decorative and utility stitches, 10 buttonholes, and 3 complete alphabet fonts.
Start/Stop Button Give your foot a rest while you sew long seams with your hands.
Knee Lift The knee lifter bar fits into the front of the machine. It allows you to use your knee to lift the sewing foot while keeping your hands on your work. This feature is a favorite with quilters.
Shortcut Buttons Automatic Needle Threader, One-Hand Thread Cutter, Auto-Lock, Needle Up/Down, and Reverse Key are easily within reach.
Automatic Needle Threader Place the upper thread in the hook and the threader automatically pulls it through the eye of the needle.
LCD Screen It’s the largest screen on a QC machine and it shows you everything you need to know. Watch your stitches change as you customize them. See instructions for each function (in any of 10 languages).
Customize Stitches Elongate stitches from 2x to 5x their original length, mirror image them, and then combine in sequence with other stitches for unique decorative effects. Save your combinations to one of 5 Memory Banks and retrieve them with a touch of a button.

It’s the easy way to get creative. The MC4900QC has the computerized precision of a Memory Craft and the advanced features that make sewing and quilting time much more productive.With such a huge library of stitches, strong sewing speed, and great variety of customizing options, it’s hard to know where to look first. But a good place to start is the large, backlit display. Here you can select from the 534 built-in stitches across four modes and easily create custom combinations of up to 50 stitches each to save in one of five memory banks.